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this comic will contain some adult subject matter, strong or mild violence, and sextual situations and or content. (though it would be tastful this isn't porn ^ ~) consider your self warnd.


We are curently under construction. we will try and make available as much content as posible as quickly as posible. please be pacient. thank you.

About this story

Black Opal is set in about 1813 England london. though this is not the England of our history books, its a bit difrent. in this world one of the moest sacred things about a person is there eyes. the beleife is that it shows the true character of the person and gives away all. sort of "the eyes are a window to the soul" sort of thing.

it is considerd sacralige to harm your own, or anothers eyes. the blind and people miopic are looked at in a few ways, moest of wich arn't good. one, you made a big sacrafice for good. though this is less thoguht of. or, you did some sin you are atoning for. people born blind are usualy looked at as devil spawn. miopia is looked at a bit berrer. if you are learnd it is not a bad trait. the idea is your eye sight was sacraficed for knowlage. if you are not learnd then you are suspicious.

these are only the basics of the socioty. it will be explaind better in the about section.

the main plot is about a series of murders where the killer takes the eys of there victom. there is more to the story but this is the basic begining. a young man, though more boy in his actions and maturity. happens apon the killer, and the story is the result of such a fated meating.

it is a gothic themed fantacy with psychic powers and the super natural. I hope tyou will all enjoy Black Opal.