Name: Gabriel Morghan Shellden
Nickname: none by friends and family
Gender: Male
Powers: Currently he is unawares. But has the potential to be Telepath and Empath, many other things he has yet to discover. Unknowingly Increases the powers of toughs around him.
Age: 17
Birthday: July 1, 1798
Astrological sign: cancer
Blood Type: A+
Height: 5'6"
Weight: doesn't know. Looks thin.
Eyes: vibrant green, blue, and violet. They change.
Hair: black
Favorite Colour: blue and purple
Favorite Gemstone: rubies if he was pressed to answer.
Favorite Possession: his books.
Favorite book: they all have there good points.
Favorite Animal: rabbit
Favorite Foods: pasties
Favorite sweet Food: rice pudding.
Least Favourite Food: haggis
Allergies: none.
Obsession: books
Hobbies: reading, writing, going places.
Strengths: will stand up for his friends, or if truly wronged.
Weaknesses: passive aggressive. Tends to be more passive. Shy.
Goal in life: to go to university and maybe be a professor.
Fear: that he will fail at that and die a meaningless life.
Image song: moonlight sonata
Image Flower: rose.
First Love: none
Marital status: single
Origin: Ireland though has lived in England since he was extremely young.
Family: mother abandoned him when he was but a few days old. A nice couple found him on there door step and took him in. currently is under the supervision of Mr. Connery the local book merchant
Personal Quotes: "I really don't think this is a good idea." "Forgive me Father for I have sinned."
Personality: shy, passive and very much a person to bend to others will unless what they wanted was more then his morality could allow. Sweet and tries to do the best thing.
History: when he was a baby his mother abandoned him after having him out of wed lock. Who the father was no one knows. A nice couple found him on there door step and took him in. the only thing on him was a small blanket and a paper attached to it reading Gabriel Morghan. They decided to keep the name that seamed to be given to the baby and raise him as there own. When he was 13 his adoptive parents died in a horrible accident and luckily he ended up in the care of Mr. Connery the local book merchant. He acted as an apprentice, thinking this was the only reason he was even helped. Though Mr. Connery had been put as his guardian in case anything where to happen.
Love Life: none
Friends: Rebecca Elizabeth Channing
Appearance: relatively short black hair, large lashy eyes. Feminine features and small build. A 'pretty boy'